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Posted by Amy Waara on

We are continuously working to improve to better meet our customer needs. Please provide us with feedback about your experience with us.  Bark about what you like and love and also about what we can do to better serve you.  All you need to do is click on the comments bubble below and all the comments will be there to view.  Scroll or jump to the bottom and you can submit your comment.  What you put in the name box will appear on the site but your email address will not appear to the public.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tony & Amy Waara
Dudley and Abby too!

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  • Amy, I meant to tell you right after I opened the box that I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!
    You guys did such a wonderful job and I can’t thank you enough for your efforts on our behalf. I can’t wait to see all the doggies sporting their new bandanas!

    Lynne on
  • The bandanas arrived, bright and crisp. Very nicely done. Fast shipping. Thank you for great service.

    Scottie on
  • Thank you SO much Amy! Great customer service! You’re the best :)

    Heather on
  • Thank you so much the order arrived and is wonderful. All the volunteers at our shelter love your bandanas! And thank you so much for the added T-shirts, that was so very nice of you. We will definitely be able to use them as both a fundraiser and for our hard working volunteers. Be assured we also will help promote your business!

    Kim on
  • I was just at the Minnesota State Fair and bought my Pug-Otis and Boston-Zoey a dog treat on a stick and gave it them the next morning and I have have to say that they ABSOULTLEY LOVED them!! They were quite for hours just chewing on them!


    Staci from Big Lake on

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