FunDog Cares Rescue Discount Program

Our company was founded on the belief of helping rescues so we continue to offer rescue and adoption bandanas at a reduced rate on our website to help rescues rehome as many pets as possible. (current discount 67.95% off retail).

  1. If you are a rescue volunteer, please contact us for more information so we can get you set up with a sign-in to order at reduced rates.  Here is the link to shop for rescue designs.
  2. If you are a rescue buying Adopt Me Bandanas for your rescue and are buying 100 or more of the same design at a time, please reach out for a better discount.
  3. If you would like to order custom bandanas with your rescue logo or special saying, let us know (there is a 5% discount for rescues).
  4. Shop at this link to get the 67.95% discount on Wholesale 10 Packs and resell at events to raise money for your rescue.
  5. Shop this link to buy singles and get the 67.95% discount on all bandanas.
  6. Also check out our Limited Editions...very good deals!
  7. Need a donation for an event? Currently, if you are seeking donations of product, email:  If you are in the Twin Cities areas, please arrange a time to come by and pick through our donation items.

Thank you for helping homeless animals find furever homes!