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Posted by Amy Waara on

We are continuously working to improve to better meet our customer needs. Please provide us with feedback about your experience with us.  Bark about what you like and love and also about what we can do to better serve you.  All you need to do is click on the comments bubble below and all the comments will be there to view.  Scroll or jump to the bottom and you can submit your comment.  What you put in the name box will appear on the site but your email address will not appear to the public.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tony & Amy Waara
Dudley and Abby too!

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  • Amy, Im so excited!!! We just ordered some of your fabulous bandanas for our upcoming event, and I went back to your site today and ordered MORE and some leash sleaves!! cant wait for them to get here!!! I know everyone is going to love them!!Your company ROCKS and we will get some pictures to you of our shelter babys with the bandanas soon!!!!!

    Bullock County Humane Society

    Cecila on
  • Customer service is excellent! Proofs of the design were provided in a matter of minutes and product shipped well before promise date. I highly recommend this service.

    Devin on
  • The bandanas look great! They came in the mail yesterday!! I am so excited to use them. I will celebrating one year in business at the end of July and am thinking about holding an event and now I wish I had ordered 100 instead of 50. I don’t know how popular they will be but I am having a booth at a community event on the 14th so I guess I can see what kind of response I get. Thanks again! J

    Allison on
  • Thank you so much for your quality and great service!

    Jennifer on
  • Hey Amy. Just wanted to let you know we did receive the bandannas, they look awesome!!! I will be sure to order from you next year.

    Brittany on

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