Wholesale 32 Designs Best Seller Starter Pack - OSFM

Wholesale 32 Designs Best Seller Starter Pack - OSFM

  • $1,008.00

Starter Pack includes 10 each, One Size Fits Most of 32 of our most popular designs.

Rack Sold Separately

You may switch out any of the 10-packs you do not like and substitute your own favorites.

Designs included are:  

  1. Wiggle Butt
  2. Bitches Love Me
  3. I'm the Reason We Can't Have Nice Things
  4. The Squirrelinator
  5. Have You Seen My Balls?
  6. Mischief Managed (Hairy Pawter theme)
  7. You Look Like I could Use a Treat
  8. I can't handle my licker
  9. In My Defense I was Left Unsupervised
  11. I'm Kind of a Big Deal Around Here
  12. I was Born a Bitch; What's your excuse?
  13. I'm going to need a lot of attention today.  I can just tell.
  14. Direwolf in Training (Game of Bones theme)
  15. I love Belly Rubs
  16. I'm Barking and I can't Shut Up
  17. Mama is My Bestie
  18. Momma's Boy
  19. Mama's Girl
  20. Daddy's Girl
  21. Drinking Buddy
  22. It's Treat O'Clock Somewhere
  23. Chew-Bark-A
  24. Certified Weirdo
  25. I EAT POOP
  26. My Humans are Getting Married
  27. Tuxedo
  28. Chewing Things
  29. Insert Treat Here
  30. I just wanna cuddle and get my booty scratched.
  31. Don't Just Stand There; PET ME
  32. Who Farted?