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Made in Minnesota, our candles are made from renewable soy wax and contain wooden wicks. 

You have your choice of 3 delightful fragrances. 

Lake Superior Mist "aka: Dog Mom" recalls the beauty of Lake Superior's shores.  Hints of wild berries and aquatic green cucumber, northern fir, driftwood and moss.  This one will help any dog mom rejuvenate and refresh after a long day of caring for her fur-babies.

Odor Eliminator "aka: Fresh Pooch" helps kick unpleasant odors to the curb making your home smell like fresh linen.  Enjoy!

Lavender "aka: Thunder Buddy" this calming scent is meant to have a calming affect on whomever is in the room, be they human or canine.  Try during a thunderstorm or other stressful situation and see if it helps.