You have 2 options for UPCs. 

All bandanas have a UPC for One Size Fits Most and a UPC for Miniature.  This is ideal for small businesses who want to keep things simple and can reorder just by looking at their displays to determine what they need.

If you are a reseller who likes to track sales for each style/size and do reorders by using your computer system, then you may want to choose the option wherein each design/size has it's own UPC.  For example:  You purchase a 10-pack of mixed sizes in the same design.  In this instance, the 5 small bandanas will have one UPC for that particular design and the 5 large bandanas will have a different UPC. 

Contact amy.waara@fundogbandanas.com for our Current Listing of Designs with Corresponding UPCs and any questions you may have for us.