Wholesale 20 Designs FunDog Starter Pack - OSFM - FunDogBandanas

Wholesale 20 Designs FunDog Starter Pack - OSFM

  • $700.00

Starter Pack includes 10 each, One Size Fits Most of 20 of our most popular designs.  OR you can choose which you like best and build your own. 200 Bandanas total! 

Rack Sold Separately

Designs we recommend are:

Wiggle Butt

I'm the reason we can't have nice things

In My Defense...I was left unsupervised.

Have you seen my Balls?

The Squirrelinator

Bitches Love Me

I was born a Bitch; what's your excuse?

Hairy Pawter

I'm the Big Sister

I'm the Big Brother

I can't handle my LICKER

Momma's Boy

Mama's Girl


You look like I could use a TREAT

Snuggle Buddy

I'm barking and I can't shut up!

 Rescued and Lovin' It

Who Farted?

Do not Pet Me.  I need Space.