Smart-Pack (10 Bandanas) - Rescue Designs / Slightly Flawed

  • $24.95

This smart-pack is a collection of designs that are good for rescues.  They are no all just "adopt me" designs but may include things like "love rescued me" or "black is beautiful", "live long and foster", or other rescue sayings.

Please check out our FunDog Fit Guide to assure you are buying the correct size for your furry friends.


*Ever have a dog come through your rescue that wasn't perfect?  Occasionally, we have the same thing happen with our bandanas.  Maybe there is a small flaw in the fabric, the ink smudged or some other detail does not meet our exacting standards.  Just because it's not perfect, doesn't mean it doesn't want to be displayed around a dog's neck.  Perhaps our less-than-perfect bandanas can help a less-than-perfect dog find their forever home.

We have tested some of these slightly flawed bandanas on dogs here at FunDog Bandanas, and it's like they didn't even notice.