My 1st Puppy - Honey / Golden Retriever 8" Tall


$ 19.95 


My name is Honey!

I am a Golden Retriever.  
I love everybody!  I don't care if they are a dog, cat or human.  Anyone can be my friend.  I'll let you know how happy I am by wagging my tail non-stop!  My pretty, long fur needs to be brushed often to keep it silky smooth.

My Story:
I am a seizure dog!  I am a great addition to someone's life who experiences seizures.  When an attack occurs, I alert other people so they can get help faster!  I am so excited to be able to help my forever family!

Want to give me a new name?  Dogs often receive new names with new owners.  Just say my new name to me 3 times and I'll remember it!